College Prep/Testing

Atrium School does not require standardized testing for its students, however, college-bound students will need to take either the SAT or ACT and possible SAT subject tests (depending on the college/university applied to). In addition, taking the PSAT in 11th grade is invaluable as students who score at the National Merit level on this test are frequently recipients of merit-based scholarships. Read Prepping for College Entrance Exams to learn more. We recommend:


  • Take in 9th and 10th grades for practice and to learn which areas to study.
  • Take in 11th grade for final/accepted score.  The test is offered in October only.


  • Take in 10th and 11th grades for practice and to learn which areas to study
  • Take final test prior to fall of 12th grade so that scores will be ready by college applications deadlines (usually November/December)
  • Take subject tests (typically only required by Ivy League schools) as soon as subject  has been completed in school

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