Atrium School is a K-12, non-campus based private school (sometimes called an “umbrella,” “cover,” or “600” school) serving homeschooling families in Florida. We are homeschoolers ourselves, and we exist to support and facilitate homeschooling as an educational choice. Enrollment in Atrium School satisfies the state’s compulsory attendance statutes and you do not have to register with the superintendent as a home educator.

Students enrolled in our school have the legal status of private school students, not home education students. This is a legal distinction and not a practical one. In practice, families who enroll with Atrium School are homeschooling their children. However, they do not have to submit a Notice of Intent to the Superintendent, undergo an annual evaluation nor comply with any other part of the home education statutes. Instead, families enrolling in Atrium School report attendance to us and, in turn, we comply with state statutes governing private schools. Atrium School was founded in 2001 and we have been continuously registered with the Florida Department of Education since then. You can find us in the Directory of Private Schools in the Duval County District.

Atrium School offers Florida homeschooling families two distinct enrollment programs so that families can select the level of support and guidance that’s right for them. Are you just getting started homeschooling and want to know what choices are available to you as a Florida homeschooler? How to Homeschool is the perfect place to start. Want to learn more about the differences between public and private homeschooling in Florida? Read Legal Options. Have you decided that private homeschooling is your choice and want to know more about our programs? Find out about Program Choices. Ready to enroll? For an information packet you can download and print, please visit our Enrollment page. Do you have questions? Contact Us! We are happy to help.